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Top Five Bakeries In Vancouver

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Sometimes, nothing will do but a sweet treat. A cookie, perhaps, or a chocolate truffle, or heck, a fancy multilayered gâteau of dacquoise, crème pâtissière, ganache, mousse, gold foil, and chocolate shavings. Just me? Whatever you’re craving, these Vancouver pâtisseries and chocolates have all the sprinkles and more. Just step out from our Hotel door and explore!


Hailing from Whistler, Purebread Bakery certainly takes the cake in the round- up of bakeries in Vancouver. With and overwhelming selection of sweet and savoury baked goods, patrons visiting Purebread Bakery are promised a countertop stacked high with freshly baked cakes, brownies, croissants, cookies, scones, brioches, meringues and more

Nero Waffles

Brussels Waffles are prepared with and egg white and yeast- leavened batter. Cooked in special cast waffle irons at high temperature, these waffles turn out light and crisp. The batter itself is unsweetened which makes the Brussels waffle perfect for sweet and savory toppings.

Cartems Donuterie

Arguably the best donuts in town made with local organic ingredients. Try the local's favorite an intense Earl Grey garnished with rose petals. Flavours are constantly rotating and there are always gluten-free options, too. Cartems isn't exclusively vegan, but they could be since you can't tell the difference between their animal- free and conventional version.

Beyond Bread

An intimate neighborhood sot with whose organic breads are made with natural leaven and prepared daily by hand. Choose from over 13 types of bread.

Cadeaux Bakery

This amazing bakery, located in Gastown is one of our favorite spot for sweet pick up. They're well- known for their towering layer cakes ( nine layers is the standard). They also offer some by the slice at the bakery.

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