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8 Things To Do in Vancouver This Fall

Now it's time to figure out what you can get up during the week ahead!

Visit Capilano Suspension Bridge

This Vancouver attraction is closing at the end of September fora couple of Months. So beat the final rush by heading over there this week!

It's definitely a fun way to cap off a trip to the North Shore!

Shop At a Virtual Market

Trying to do some fall shopping? Check out this virtual market celebrating Vancouver markers. It will have just about everything the in-person experience does, at least...

Watch Some Theatre

Ready to experience live arts and entertainment again? The Vancouver Fringle Festival has you covered. Thanks to a new format, the fest is offering small- scale, physical distance friendly performances all week long. Great for those looking for something other than Netflix this week!

Relax at Vancouver's Best Spa

It's been a stressful year, to say the least. So, maybe a trip to the spa is in order this week. Don't know where to start? Visit Smile Thai Wellness or Absolutely Fabulous Spa

Pick a Great Option From The New Dine Out List

Dine out Launched dine/ outside a new initiative to help restaurants around the city get some business. Meals range from $15- $45 and there are even some picnic options in there, too!

Hit Up a Gorgeous U-Pick Near Vancouver

There are tons of U-Pick farms arounds Vancouver, and September is when we get right into harvest season. Whether you're looking for berries for dessert or veggies for the meal itself, you'll have no trouble finding a spot that works for you. Plus, you're supporting local farmers!

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