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What Is The History of Granville Island?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Vancouver is a city with many various districts. From Downtown Vancouver's historic Gastown and the nightlife and modern Yaletown to the scenic city of Burnaby. One of the most beautiful neighborhoods from our Hotel Riviera with a breathtaking view is Granville Island. Granville Island is based across the English Bay from Yaletown and just south of Kits Point's museum attractions, it might be easy to miss this small shopping and markets district.

What Is The History of Granville Island?

The peninsula was originally used by First Nations as a fishing area. The city of Vancouver was called Granville until it was renamed in 1886. Going back to 19th century, the port of Granville became a trading, fishing and transport hub, giving many people from Canada and the first nations a direct link to the quickly growing city.

Granville Island During The Second World War

During the Second, Wright's Canadian Ropes on the island was Canada's biggest manufacturer of heavy- duty wire rope. Their green Heart product was supplied to the forestry and mining industries. Unfortunately, a fire in 1953 gutted their Granville Island factory so they moved to South Vancouver in 1956.

Granville Island Public Market

The Granville Island Market was established in 1979 as a location where farmers and other food vendors cold sell to consumers. Granville Market is open year-round in an enclosed facility where costumers can purchase fresh produce, meat fish and seafood, cheeses, and other products, many locally sourced. This market includes a kids market designed for children.

How To Get To Granville Island?

It is very easy to get to Granville Island from central Vancouver. They are plenty of buses running through Vancouver that will take you to Granville Island. You can also use the sea bus which is leaving from beautiful Yaletown.

Granville Writers Festival

Introduced in 1988, The Vancouver Literary Festivals is one of the countries mist prominent literature celebration which is happening every October each year. The festival provides an exciting platform for international writers to talk about and present their work. This a great opportunity for a discussion and sharing with others!

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