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Top Ice Cream Places in Vancouver!

Earnest Ice Cream

The gangbusters success story of the local scoop game, Earnest- first launched in the Fraserhood back in 2010- has expanded to include three locations! Secret weapon: Sundays!


Dairy Free ice cream? Yes! And it's fantastic stuff. We've been fans since day one. Love the look o the Chinatown shop too!

Uno Gelato

This trio of new gelato shops opened last summer and the quality is extraordinary good. Specially, the salted caramel or vegan midnight chocolate!

Bella Gelateria

I won't be wrong if I say that this is the best ice- cream spot in Vancouver! The multiple award- winning, internationally celebrated bell of the gelato ball is farmed for its consistent awesomeness across all flavors.


This scoop of your ice cream is not the average one! The scoops served up in Mister are created using liquid nitrogen to give these cups and cones a whole new texture!

Rain Or Shine Ice Cream

There's a good reason why the tiny sidewalk parklet outside Rain or Shine in Kits is always busy! The ice-cream is fabulous!

Soft Peaks

The focus at this Gastown shop is so soft- serve ice cream made with organic milk and with toppings. Go for the basics twist with honeycomb or coconut chocolate syrup.

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