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Best Picnic Spots Around Vancouver

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Summer is one of the best time to pack up and enjoy a picnic outdoors. Luckily, our Hotel Riviera is located near to the best spots in Vancouver! Enjoy some lunch and the view of Vancouver at some of our favorite picnic spots. Our ultimate guide will help make your next weekend adventure more!

Tips For Your Successful Adventure!

  1. Make Your Picnic Simple Ensure all picnic food are simple to transport and not to heavy to carry. Some picnic spots are isolated with long walk to reach them. Opt for paper or plastic plates and cutlery: also easier to carry.

  2. Make Your Picnic Interesting Make picnic food interesting and easy to eat- think finger food. Salad in boxes takes up much room, instead of stuff pitta bread with goat's cheese and handfuls of salad two in one.

  3. Things To Avoid On a Picnic Avoid ice-cream, sticky puddings, and cakes- they are fragile to transport and wasps, and other insects love them.

  4. Make It Few Make It Well Prepare just a few things and do them well. To ease up on the cooking visit your local deli or farm shop and top up a few homemade goodies like mini sausage rolls.

  5. Forget About Courses The fun of a picnic is to spread all the food on the blanket let everyone laze around, helping themselves.

  6. Plan Carefully Plan carefully how much food you may eat. Take too much and you have to carry it all back.

  7. Keep It Cool Use cool bags or an icebox picnic hampers look lovely but often are heavy to carry whereas a cool-box/ bags will keep food at the correct temperature to help avoid any risk of food poisoning.

  8. What You Must and Must Not Take Must: The sun may shine so take sunglasses and sunblock, napkins or hand wipes, a good reliable bug spray, bags to take all your rubbish home. Must Not: A radio or music system, an unruly dog (or kids), unless allowed candles, or any other fire risk.


Jericho Beach

While all of your friends are wandering around looking for a seat at Kits, you will be sitting coo as a cucumber at Jericho. Maybe it's the extra five minutes of driving, maybe it's the fact that there's no local here but Jericho has always got space for you.

Spanish Banks Much like Jericho, this is relatively quiet beach is perfect for hanging out with friends. Bring your sportier pals and take advantage of the volleyball courts. That way, you can earn your lunch too. That's health- nut stuff, we love it.

Third Beach

We choose Third Beach over Second Beach because it's that much further into Stanley Park. This is a spot that is incredible at sunset, so keep that in mind while you're planning your day. Great for taking people out of town.

Queen Elizabeth Park

This is amazing park is one of the most popular for both the locals and tourist. It has seasonal gardens that are worth visiting all year long. At the top of the park are the Bloedel Conservatory and the amazing views of the city.

English Bay's Inukshuk

Right by English Bay Beach, the area that's home to Vancouver's Inukshuk- the official symbol of the Vancouver 2020 Olympic Winter Games- is simply to beautiful to not spend a few hours soaking up. After all, isn't that what picnics are for? Sit either on the grass or snag a bench. The wide- open views of English Bay and the mountains in the background are simply stunning, and sunsets are just about as romantic as it gets.

4 Simple Picnic Ideas For Families

  1. A Picnic Can Be Quick and Easy A family picnic creates lasting summer memories. For working parents with busy families, however, planning a picnic can feel like one more thing on the to- do list. But it doesn't have to be daunting. A picnic is no more complicated than a typical dinner inside- it can actually be easier- and should be seen as a fun family outing!

  2. The Pack Your Own Picnic Many hands make light work. So having everyone prepare their own food makes picnic prep much easier for the parents. It's amazing how satisfied kids feel with a simple meal by they prepared by themselves.

  3. The Supermarket Quick Stop Picnic Picnic prep couldn't be easier than a quick stop by your local grocer. If you have time on your lunch break, pick up food early in the day. You can also involve the kids in this targeted shop by allowing them to pick out their personal favorites for your special meal.

  4. The Appetizer- Dipping Picnic Kids love to dip food, making this picnic not only easy but also loads of fun. First purchase the items to be dipped: French bread, healthy chips, vegetable stick, and olives for adults

  5. The Backyard Grilling Picnic Picnics don't have to be fussy. In fact, you can have as much fun in your backyard as you can in a wooded park or playground. The backyard picnic also lends itself to a weeknight family "outing" or a hump day festivity that gets you through the workweek.

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